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Saké Mail now supports functionality for providing email services to wireless phone users. As of version 1.1.0, the out-of-the-box Saké Mail distribution contains an alternate skin set called "wml", which produces WML output for WAP-enabled mobile devices, such as any cell phone that contains a WAP mini browser.

ISP Mail Access

If you are an ISP, then you can provide wireless access to your mail system customers from your own web site using Saké Mail. You don't need to invest in wireless equipment or software, you simply provide a WML interface to your customers from your existing web server. Your customers that have WAP devices will be able to connect to your server using their wireless provider's equipment, which communicates with your web server via the Internet. With Saké Mail, you can enhance your existing mail system with both web access and wireless access with a single, customizable, off-the-shelf software package.

Wireless Provider Access

If you are a wireless service provider, then you can use Saké Mail to provide email services to your wireless customer base cheaply and easily. Saké Mail leverages your existing email technology investment and does not require the installation of new servers or database software. Saké Mail is simply a glue layer that provides web and wireless access to your existing POP3 or IMAP mail servers. You can provide an option to log in to your Saké Mail installation via the home deck that your gateway software provides for your customers. Since Saké Mail is highly configurable and customizable and allows login parameters to be passed via URL, you can dynamically generate home decks for your users that will allow one-click access to email.

Saké Mail provides access to the exact same information, whether the user is logged in via the web or via a wireless device. This allows users to configure address aliases and personal options from a web browser (with a keyboard) if desired, and then use those configuration options on the road from a wireless device. Since Saké Mail can provide both interfaces simultaneously, your administrators only need to install and configure one piece of software in order to provide both web-based email access and wireless email access.

Figure 1: A user's Inbox after logging in to Saké Mail on a wireless phone.

Figure 2: The user (above) selects the first message.

Figure 3: The user (above) scrolls down to message contents. Messages are automatically broken into pages to conform with WAP packet size restrictions. Email messages are never truncated, so users have access to the entire contents of a message, even for very long messages.

Figure 4: The user (above) uses uniformly-placed menus to navigate within the Inbox, and to take action on the messages received.

Figure 5: Wireless users have access to all of Saké Mail's functionality, including Folders, Options, and the Address book. Wireless users are presented with the same data as web-based users.

Figure 6: A user's personal options.