International nightlife powerhouse CoolJunkie depended on me alone to build them the technology that they needed to go out and conquer the world. I did not let them down. Their new web site adds features, optimizes workflow, and it looks great! >> more information
Digital Jay Music
I was brought in to help to take a design prototype and make it into a working, production-quality online music retailer. I designed and implemented the database and the API that power the innovative Flash user interface at Digital Jay Music. Staffers manage the massive database of music using a custom web-based manager application that I built along with the custom database.
digital jay
The Endymion Engine
I work quickly and efficiently by only intenting each wheel one time. The Endymion Engine is a central application framework that I use for most of my recent web applications. The Engine provides common things like tabbed forms, data listings, user settings, administrator settings and user interface translation. I have spent years building and debugging these common software elements and testing them with my own beta users and commercial customers so that you don't have to pay me to build them for your project. You get fully functioning work product from my previous experiences right out of the box.
endymion engine
Saké Mail
Large-scale web applications that are in use by thousands and thousands of people at a time are far more complex to develop and to debug than applications that only need to function for a handful of users. Saké Mail is a bulletproof Java-based web mail system for university and enterprise markets.
sake mail
My oldest commercial web application. MailMan is web mail system intended for smaller hosted sites that do not have access to enterprise-class application servers. MailMan is a straightforward Perl CGI application that can be installed on just about any web server anywhere. MailMan is still commercially supported after nearly a decade and hundreds of thousands of users depend on it every day.
endymion mailman

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