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We keep our prices low by running an efficient organization and passing our savings along to our customers. Because of the enormous cost of providing live telephone support, we are not able to provide assistance by telephone. We prefer to concentrate our limited budget on the research, development and documentation necessary to prevent problems.

For the remaining questions, we are very happy to provide assistance by email. We track our incoming and outgoing email in a sophisticated tracking database that provides us with a complete case history in order to better serve you. We normally are able to respond to your inquiry within an hour or two in most cases, and almost always within 24 hours on business days.


Sales Questions
If you have a sales inquiry, then please send us a message at .


Technical Questions
If you have a technical inquiry, then please send a message to .


If you are looking for a fax number, a shipping address, or a mailing address, then just send us a message at and we will be happy to provide that information when appropriate.