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This is a series of screen captures that illustrates MailMan from the user's point of view. Each of the images on the right can be expanded for more detail.

The login page

login page
A user's MailMan session begins with a login page of some kind. You can provide a login form on any page of your web site that points to your MailMan installation, or you can just direct your users directly to MailMan and the script will provide a login page for you. Your user provides a username and password, and possibly the name of a mail server if you have not configured one in advance. Our default login page that we provide also allows the user to select some additional options, such as whether they want a mail interface that is divided into frames or one that uses just ordinary flat pages. You can pre-configure any of these options yourself if you prefer that sort of control.

We provide the default login page as an example, and we have listed several options on it, but there is no need for your login forms to be this cluttered. Normally you would want to pre-configure the mail server name, and in most cases you will probably want to select the frames or no-frames interface in advance as well. Those modifications are easy to make because MailMan's entire user interface is entirely based on simple and straightforward HTML template files that you have full control over. The script itself doesn't specify any HTML output at all in code, all of the output is in the template files.

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